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Is back-end more creative than front-end?


I recently had a conversation with someone I met at a tech event discussing creativity in the backend and frontend. He was of the mind that backend is more creative. I thought that was quite interesting as the way I see it is that both backend and frontend requires creativity but just through different mediums and both certainly using the creative and logical mind. Creativity in the backend is in the form of solving problems at the underlying systems and architectural level, like how to design a system that can scale efficiently.

You could say the same for front-end where you would still need to architect out your user interface application while taking optimization, dynamism, accessibility and security into consideration. Frontend is not purely visual as some would think. The web space has pushed out amazing innovation in the past decade but it has also come at the cost of a convoluted ecosystem and infosec threats. Front-end now requires a lot more problem solving and knowing when and how to leverage certain tools and other backend services. At the end of day, frontend and backend go hand in hand, there really isn’t a need for trivial arguments what is more creative.

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