My ramblings, thoughts, prose if I can call them that.


Life's purpose

Cultivating a life‘s purpose does not need to be this huge grand gesture, or a purposeful filling objective. You just need to do everything with intention, everything that you’re doing ask yourself: “Is this necessary?” “Is it going to bring me towards betterment of my self improvement or make a difference in someone’s life?” A life without a sense of purpose is a life without meaning.



Just remember, nobody truly knows your life or will ever truly understand your understory. But it all shouldn’t matter much. It’s about how you present yourself outwardly to the world, to the people you cross paths with. Why would I choose to succumb to my past experiences and suffering, and let that reflect how I lead my life. I don’t think this way of life is sustainable, nor do I think being optimistic becomes an issue of toxic positivity. I choose to stay hopeful, caring and loving to those in my life. I choose to continue to understand others and their stories. And that may just help others to loop in on yours. I choose to believe in humanity’s instrinsic need and depth to love and care for one another.



Our knowledge is finite. The infinite is in the wonder, it’s in the passion, it’s in the love that you experience.


Remainder of my days

Sometimes all I wish for the remainder of my days are to dance, write, read, make art, and sooth away the night listening to music.


The only beauty

The only beauty I care about is the beauty of your soul and the beauty of nature



Deep feelings

Deep feelings - especially love and care do not live in the constructs of rational thinking and pragmatism. They are not always boundless and unconditional. They come from your energy source, and are highest form energy there is within you. Don’t freely deplete them.



Surround yourself with people who understand you, who knows you at your core, who connects with your soul. But don’t be mistaken by surrounding yourself only with people who affirm your beliefs. You need people around who challenge you, who pushes you to rethink, who inspires you, who grounds you.



Sometimes by chance or fate, timing or the stars aligning, you meet someone, a soul, an energy source that reminds you of why exactly life is so beautiful and meaningful.


Instrincic Needs

What happened to having intrinsic needs like curiosity, passion, purpose and autonomy? These intersections should always be questions on the table. These needs are embedded into our networks and are evidently evolutionary.


The year

A year of triumph, openness, learning, forgiveness, spirituality, reprioritization, celebration, change, appreciation, and most of all love. There is not one flicker of moment I would change in my past. I’d do it all over again with more compassion, grace, patience and love for myself. And it’s in moments of still and quiet reflection that we truly fathom the roads we have walked. For it all, makes us who we are at this present moment - to be open to more experiences, true connections, growth and new opportunities. I trust in all that is unfolding even if the outcome is uncertain. There will be people who are constant in your life and ones who will be in your life one day and not the next. That is just part of the journey and the true beauty of life. Be at a state of acceptance and peace and you will see how much life has to offer.


Kindred Spirits

Far and few between and almost disappearing are dialogues on passions, values, ideologies, dreams, feelings - a space where kindred spirits come together and feel most human.



To write is to stop internalizing your feelings and thoughts. Etched on paper is your soul being fed, your mind enriched, your living heart - taking a form of its own. Then simply let it go.


Sentient Beings

We’re all fucking conscious and sentient beings, this I truly believe. So just fucking feel. Just fucking think. Fall into that deep connection. So deep you might not get out.



With each fleeting day, he became more like a passing stranger on the streets she walked. The moments shared become movie scenes they had seen and nothing more.



Your sense of peace is not for the taking. Protect it at all cost.


Loving & Losing

Loving someone then losing them is just the dark-side of the life-affirming ability to love deeply, feel deeply and have deep connections. And that, is the beauty of what we all live for.


Dimmed Hope

Sitting here lost in aimless thoughts. Lost in the abyss of endless white walls. What’s this feeling - Feeling of hollow and dimmed hope.



Checking In

How do we take time to balance the emotions that come with all the atrocities that are happening in the world - looming war, racial injustice, climate crisis, the pandemic? Even if you’re not directly affected, let’s not forget to take the time to check in on each other & have compassion.


Handling Rejection

How you handle rejection is a true testament to your will power. As cliche as it might sound, it’s holds 100% truth. It really takes a strong shift in your mentality and the more hits you take, you will only eventually get stronger and rise from it.



Why is it that we need to get older to realize that striving for personal success to the detriment of our own health isn’t the answer? “Without your health, you simply have nothing.”



Stop tuning out the cries of climatologists and scientists when they tell us the grave danger we and future generations are in unless we as a species reverse the impact we have made to the environment and biodiversity within the next 10 years.