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List of command line commands to know


I have a few points on why you should start using your command line from the very get go. Not every system or machine comes with a GUI and if it does, not every GUI is ubiquitous. The command is fast, easy to automate.

  • cd - change directory

  • ls - list directory contents

  • pwd - print working directory

  • mkdir - make directory

  • rmdir - remove directory

  • cat - show file contents

  • man - command manual

  • less - show file contents by page

  • rm - remove file

  • echo - repeat input

Shell is the command interpreter to interface with the system. Terminal runs shell applications (bash, zsh are some examples of shell applications).

echo $0 shows you what shell application you're in.


  • i - insert mode (text editing)
  • `ESC - command mode (primary mode)
  • : - last line mode (searching, saving, exiting)
  • ESC :q! - quit vim