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Digital nomading in Porto, Portugal


I visited and remote worked in the unique and historical port city, Porto, Portugal just before the end of last year. It was one of the more memorable places I’ve been to in Europe. I was able to visit some old colleagues and friends who moved there a year ago. Porto was charming, historic, and it’s cultural richness is emulated through it’s food, port wine, coffee shops, beaches, and most of all it’s people. I’m looking forward to going back again this year, and this time, more port wine and more Pastel de Nata! If that’s not enough to entice you, some more reasons below to make this beautiful port city your next remote work destination!

  1. You won’t find a shortage of co-working spaces and charming cafes with freshly baked Pastel de Nata sprouting out everywhere!
  2. The food scene is quite unique - My favorite restaurant was one old timers’ sports bar I stumbled into where I devoured a hearty sandwich coined Francesinha. You haven’t visited Porto until you try this!
  3. The people were simply one of the nicest and kindest people I’ve ever met.
  4. All the port wine tastings!
  5. Walking the quirky streets and neighborhoods lined with bars, restaurants and museums with beautifully tiled walls.

Have you digital nomaded or remote worked in Porto? Let me know your experiences on Twitter or Instagram!