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How to remote-work and travel efficiently


I am working at my second remote-friendly company where I have been been doing workations for the last 3 years across North America, Europe and Asia. Through those trips, I have learned what helps me work effectively, progress in my career, continue to grow my skills while doing what I love, traveling and fostering cross-cultural understanding around the world.

Below are some strategies that can help you maintain efficiency, establish effective communication with your company and team and foster a productive work-life balance.

1. Work for a Remote-Friendly Company:

Choosing the right company is crucial for successful remote work and travel. Look for organizations that have embraced remote work as part of their culture and have established processes and tools to support distributed teams. Remote-first companies understand the unique challenges and benefits of remote work and provide the necessary infrastructure for seamless collaboration.

2. Set Working Hours:

Maintaining a consistent schedule is essential when working remotely and traveling. Define your working hours and communicate them clearly with your team or setting them in your shared calendar. Adhering to a schedule helps establish boundaries, ensures availability for synchronous collaboration, and allows you to make the most of your travel experiences outside of work.

3. Embrace Asynchronous Over-Communication:

When working across different time zones while traveling, asynchronous communication becomes vital. Utilize tools like Slack, and project management platforms to keep your team informed about your progress and share updates regularly. This approach reduces dependency on real-time communication and allows for flexibility in managing work and travel commitments.

4. Prioritize Security and Required Controls:

Working remotely and traveling exposes you to various network environments and potential security risks. Prioritize cybersecurity by using a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect your online activities. Additionally, ensure you have the necessary controls in place to access sensitive information securely, such as two-factor authentication and encrypted communication channels.

5. Develop Self-Management and Discipline:

Remote work and travel require self-discipline and effective time management skills. Create a dedicated workspace wherever you go, minimizing distractions and establishing a professional environment conducive to productivity. Set realistic goals and deadlines, break tasks into manageable chunks, and maintain a routine that balances work and exploration.

Combining remote work with travel offers a unique opportunity to embrace new cultures, foster cross-cultural understanding, and gain valuable life experiences. By working for a remote-friendly company, setting working hours, emphasizing asynchronous communication, prioritizing security, and nurturing self-management skills, you can achieve an efficient workflow and successfully balance your professional and travel goals.

Remember, everyone's remote work and travel journey is different, so adapt these tips to your personal needs and goals or use as a framework to propose a workation to your manager. Here's to a successful and adventure-filled remote work experience!