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Is AI moving fast enough to solve real world issues like climate change?


Have you ever stopped to think that amidst all the noise these days, that some of it may be propaganda designed to divert our attention from the real overarching issue? It's somewhat astounding that the average person isn't acting in some sense of urgency or at least preparing for what's to come. Yes AI and all the problems to solve in tandem are on docket but the more immediate and pressing concerns are the decline arable agriculture land, livable climate and consequently, the impending scarcity of food and the mounting pressure of a growing population.

It seems as though we are facing a significant bottleneck situation with AI, which holds immense potential to solve some of the world's most critical climate issues and drive impactful changes.

However, the question arises whether we are moving fast enough to address these challenges.

Should AI be seen primarily as a tool to fix underlying problems or as an escape from reality?

Are we considering these aspects to ensure that AI will be harnessed effectively to tackle the real world issues while maintaining a grounded approach to mitigating and solving them.

Aren't we ultimately trying to use AI to model the state of the world we desire? A state of environment in which we can all thrive and sustain ourselves for generations to come?