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Is move fast, break things still the mantra in tech companies?


Lately there has been a lot of "moving fast and breaking things at work. I believe that is inevitable at a high-growth startup - an environment that should always encourage continued iteration and innovation through experimental R&D work.

However, it's equally important to iterate, shelf ineffective ideas, ship/fix fast and REPEAT. It's interesting seeing this same cycle and workflow rippling through big corp again, especially with the current climate pushing for restrategization, product redirection or demands with AI integration. I've only ever worked in a early-stage and growth startups so I can only speak to those. But these thoughts are just speculations and through having chats with friends in big corp.

All this is to say, it's absolutely crucial to embrace a culture of continuous improvement and being open to feedback no matter the company or team size. It means being willing to make changes and pivot when necessary, and know the outcome of the initial plan may look different.

Ultimately, success in the company and product requires both speed and quality. Risks, change and innovation don't always necessarily equal success but they will multiply your chances at it.