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Stop calling essential human skills "soft" skills


It’s 2023 in tech, heck all industries for that matter - can we please stop calling essential human skills to have in the workplace “soft” skills.

Technical skills can be learned and taught, education can be attained, but decent human skills should also not be hard to come come by. Learning to show humility, communicating with respect, having openness to learn and understand others should be at the base level how you carry yourself in the workplace.

Let’s dismantle this stereotype that there’s one canonical label you need to fit in to - that if you’re a natural communicator, have empathy, care about the synergy of your team and organization, that you’re less than capable of being a good software developer.

We all bring different perspectives and experiences for the betterment of continued tech innovation. Especially with AI tools and practices being more prevalent, an impending ominous future might be probable if we don’t welcome different voices and skills to the table.

What are some human skills you think are essential in the digital age and workforce?