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Thoughts of tech layoffs


In my last 1:1 with my manager, we discussed the volatilty of what is happening in the industry currently with layoffs. I had some worries and was quickly eased by a change of perspective.

We all very much could be on precipice of the next innovative era. The multitude of talents that are out there asking “what’s next?” could also now have the agency and resources to hunker down and innovate on the next Google, Uber, and AI tool. Someone could very much be building the next product where in 5 or 10 years, we would not even imagine our lives without it. That, I would say is truly exciting.

I feel fortunate to be where I am and to ride this wave out, be hyper-focused and grow my professional trajectory. If you’re out there looking for the next opportunity. Don’t be wavered, try to stay focused, ride on the coattails of incoming innovation, stay up to date with knowledge, get out there and make connections. The tech industry is one of the most supportive and collaborative environments I’ve been in. Continue to encourage and help each other out in your journeys!