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So, who am I?


Since I designed my website, I thought it might be good to make a quick intro on my background, my experience and my plans for upcoming content!

I am a remote Software Engineer currently with a base in Canada. I grew up living in across Canada, South East Asia and Europe. These days, I have 3 home bases that I work remote from throughout the year. My path was not linear coming into tech, I came from primarily a design and entrepreneurial background.

My love for programming sprouted when I had to self-teach how to design and develop simple static websites for our family business and side projects. It was during my maternity leave that I decided to go back to gain more fundamental knowledge for software programming. Fast-forward to today, I am working at my second tech job at a fully-remote organization with an amazing culture.

I’m hoping to create more content to share what I’ve learned these last few years in hopes that it may inspire you to get into tech and into a company that enables work-life balance and a work-from-anywhere culture where you can truly optimize your life. Please share in on Twitter or Instagram if there is anything content-wise you’d like to know!