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Working on the Royal Caribbean cruise


Have you ever thought about working remotely on a cruise? Me neither! I have never been one to cruise until this last remote working trip on the Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas to Catalina Island and Ensenada Mexico.

Throughout the 5 days of cruising, I was able to work with reliable internet running several programs and taking Zoom calls. Although it does come down to the fleet and the area of the ship you’re in so be sure to do some research on the fleet, the location you will be cruising to, and the speed of the internet package you’ll need to purchase. I was not on one of the newer ships with the newly implemented Starlink internet but the high speed VOOM stream and surf package sufficed.

I was sold on working remote on a cruise simply because of the logistical load being lessened such as food, housekeeping, and even childcare. The childcare facilities were top notch. I was able to continue working some afternoons, my parents who were on board with me were able to have their own time, while my child was having a great time in the kids zone!

I’ll definitely add another cruise workation in the near future with one of the newer Starlink fleets. Have you ever worked on a cruise or would entertain the idea?